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Road-Rail Excavators

Road-Rail Excavators (2)

The ATLAS Rail Road Excavators are adaptable and flexible: the new computer-aided CARSY system ensures optimal contact pressure with the rails. Can be used for an array of applications, from cutting works to dismantling and upgrading the railway track. 

• more than 30 years manufacturing experience
• Optimal stability 
- allows easy railing / de-railing and convenient handling for operators
• Versatility
• Mechanical Expertise
• Automatic self-diagnosis
• Emergency de-railing is permanently available and double protected on rail guide wheels 
- Fast cycle times 
- Optimised handling

Items Operating Weight Engine Power Max. Dig Depth Detail


20,000 kg 75 kW 4.3 m Read more


22,000 kg 98 kW 4.45 m Read more

About us

The main activity of Atlas Tehnika OÜ is sales, maintenance and repair of ATLAS Maschinen GmbH construction machines and material handlers and rental of used machinery. The activities ls include sales of spare parts for ATLAS construction machinery and cranes and sales of ATLAS, KINSHOFER, TEREX, SMP Parts and LEHNHOFF equipment. We sell and install DYNASET hydraulic magnet generators and magnets.


Atlas Tehnika OÜ

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